Functional studies

There are now many opportunities and resources available in wheat for the functional characterisation and validation of genes of interest.

These include resources based on both natural and induced variation, including both transgenic and non-transgenic approaches. In this section we describe some of the resources and approaches currently available including TILLING populations, transgenics, Virus Induced Gene Silencing and publicly available populations. We also provide practical information on strategies for use including designing genotyping primers and crossing schemes as simultaneous manipulation of multiple homoeologs is often required due to functional redundancy.

Please note that the information provided covers just some of the available resources and approaches. We would be delighted to receive feedback and incorporate additional resources from the community.

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Selecting TILLING mutantsWheat Transformation and CRISPR/Cas9Virus Induced Gene Silencing
PopulationsDesigning genome specific primersDesigning crossing schemes