in silico TILLING mutant resources

Knock-out mutations are available in most wheat genes providing an invaluable resource for characterising gene function.

Targeting Induced Local Lesions In Genomes (TILLING) is a method of inducing and identifying mutations in specific genes. This section will describe how to use the in silico wheat TILLING resource (

This resource consists of TILLING populations developed in tetraploid durum wheat cv ‘Kronos’ and hexaploid bread wheat cv ‘Cadenza’ as part of a joint project between the University of California Davis, Rothamsted Research, The Earlham Institute, and John Innes Centre.

The exome sequences of 1,535 Kronos and 1,200 Cadenza mutants have been re-sequenced using Illumina next-generation sequencing, the raw data aligned  to the IWGSC Chinese Spring chromosome arm survey sequence, mutations identified, and their effects predicted based on the protein annotation available at the Ensembl Plants archive site.

This section will cover the following four topics:

Selecting TILLING MutantsDesigning Genome Specific PrimersImproving Gene ModelsDesigning Crossing Schemes